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About Us

hollywood princess parties
hollywood princess parties los angeles

My Enchanting Tale

I'm Katie, a professional singer, actor, and the heart and soul behind Hollywood Princess Parties. 

Since 2012, I've devoted myself to helping sprinkle fairy dust over parties and events in Los Angeles with enchanting princess performances. My love for theater, combined with my high standards for authenticity, has set the stage for us to provide nothing less than a VIP "Hollywood" experience.


Our Goal

Bring the Magic off the Screen and into Your Party!

At Hollywood Princess Parties, our performances are not just about looking the part. We strive to bring our beloved characters to life. We dedicate ourselves to the intricate details – from our one-of-a-kind, glamorous costumes to our professionally trained princess performers.

In every twirl of a gown, every note sung, every story shared, we ensure our performances mirror the magic and charm found on the silver screen.

hollywood princess parties los angeles
hollywood princess parties los angeles

More Than Meets the Eye


How We Help Children Learn

Our mission is to weave a mesmerizing tapestry of inspiration and education through the enchanting world of fairy tales. We strive to embody the allure of these timeless characters, becoming positive role models that ignite the imagination of children, foster their self-confidence, and teach them the finer aspects of manners and etiquette. We focus on creating an engaging, inclusive atmosphere, so that every child, regardless of their learning style, can partake in the captivating fun.

Unreal! If you're looking for a princess for your child's birthday, stop.  You've found the perfect one right here.  We had my daughters party today and literally every parent asked me where I found her.  She was that great. 

Jesse S, Yelp

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